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Welcome to the new edition of FD Intelligence – our easy-to-access guide to the latest issues and hot topics that matter to you as FDs. In this edition, we’re focusing on cash generation strategies. In the current economic climate, generating cash can be a challenge. However, our article on leasing rather than buying equipment, and our feature on improving performance, both highlight how cash savings can be made and then reinvested elsewhere in the business. We also explain what opportunities exist for expanding your business into Russia, and look at a host of other FD-relevant issues.

Francesca Lagerberg, Partner, Grant Thornton
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Driving Performance In recent years, cost reduction has overshadowed performance management on the FD’s agenda. However, the latter is once again coming to the fore, and the business benefits can be considerable…

Read more about how performance management is taking centre stage again
Colin Wardale, director of finance for Hill Dickinson, talks about the people and places that have helped shape his career and reveals the secrets to becoming a good FD.

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Since the break-up of the former Soviet regime 20 years ago, Russia’s economy has steadily evolved. Despite this, Russia still only accounts for 1% of UK imports and 1% of UK exports, so there are plenty of opportunities to grow your business by entering this BRIC nation…

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Russian Goals
Technical Note: R&D Changes There have been many changes to the research and development (R&D) tax regime since it was first introduced, but why should FDs take note?

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FDs looking to obtain business-crucial equipment and systems could be missing out on freeing up cash that could be invested elsewhere in the business, as well as a host of other benefits…

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Successful Leasing
Property Pitfall The speculated crackdown on stamp duty land tax was finally confirmed by the chancellor in his recent Budget statement. We outline what the changes could mean to you…

Read more about the stamp duty land tax changes
Technical Notes Avoid all the latest tripwires currently in your path by reading up on:

Accounting for deferred tax

Employee remuneration and cash implication

The forthcoming General Anti-Abuse Rule
Economic indicators
Chart Keep up to date on the economic climate with our regular round-up of movement across a selection of UK and global economic indicators.
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