Barrie Morris (Director)

With over 20 years of experience in public sector audit, I can say that every day is completely different and I enjoy every one of them, for very different reasons. As a director responsible for the audits of a wide range of diverse organisations, many facing challenges that are likely to impact us all on a regular basis, means that I have to have to work with colleagues to deliver high quality work, efficiently, whilst offering great insight across the sector to assist clients in delivering their ambitious plans.

As a specialist in the public sector, I am very passionate about the way that it is being shaped and developed. It is very different to the traditional structure that many still believe it to be, with great innovation and collaboration happening across the board. It is a dynamic and exciting environment in which to work.

Being a public sector auditor is not just about looking at the accounts. My work takes me into assessing the business planning, risk management and wholescale re-design of public services initiatives that our clients are having to develop.

When not working, I enjoy time with my daughter, taking her to all the various activities that keep her fit and healthy and me maintaining a time scheduling system that could the envy of many a parent. The rest of my spare time I share with friends enjoying the good things in life, like pub lunches.


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Barrie Morris

Bristol, Hartwell House

+44 (0)117 305 7708