David Sowden (Director)

David works in our Forensic Practice, specialising in investigating large and complex fraud and money laundering cases. David divides his time between our London and Leeds offices.

David has been a forensic accountant since 1992 and has considerable experience involving both civil and criminal litigation, both in the private and the public sectors. David has specialised in investigating large and complex fraud and money laundering cases. He has given evidence in the Royal Court in Jersey on a number of occasions on behalf of the Attorney General of Jersey.  He has acted on a number of high profile sensitive cases involving Politically Exposed Persons, often involving corrupt payments such as a Foreign Minister in an overseas jurisdiction and also in connection with the Abacha related litigation.  David has also been instructed to investigate a number of frauds and money laundering cases involving professionals such as insurance brokers and Chartered Accountants, often involving complex trust structures and multi-jurisdictional issues.

David's expertise covers:

  • White collar crime for prosecution and for the defence
  • Money laundering prosecutions
  • Investigation of Politically Exposed Persons
  • Fraud investigations
  • Investigation of corruption both in the UK and overseas
  • Whistleblower investigations


  • BA
  • FCA

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David Sowden


+44 (0)113 200 2552