Mike Saville (Director)

Mike is a Chartered Accountant and has specialised in advising distressed businesses and stakeholders since 1986. In 1992 he became an appointment taking UK licensed insolvency practitioner and has held Partner and Managing Director roles in leading practices since that time.

Mike has been appointed and led all forms of formal insolvency appointments in both the UK. He has also spent much of his time analysing and providing solutions to corporate underperformance in order to avoid formal insolvency proceedings where possible. In 2009 he left the UK and gained experience of US, and Channel Islands insolvency procedures before settling in Cayman. Since that time he has taken appointments as Official Liquidator and agent of the Trustee in Bankruptcy in Cayman as well as liquidator of a number of voluntary liquidations.

He has been engaged full time in distressed advisory work and formal insolvency for 26 years.

Mike's expertise covers:

  • Cayman Official Liquidation/Voluntary Liquidation and Agent for the Trustee in Bankruptcy
  • Expertise in dealing with both non financial, corporate structures and companies established to provide mutual fund and other financial services
  • Understanding of Mutual Fund laws and structures established under that law in Cayman
  • Liaison and reporting to financial regulators including: FSA, Cayman Monetary Authority and Guernsey Financial Services Commission
  • Experience of managing a provider of Trust and Corporate Director Services
  • UK experience extends to most industries but in particular manufacturing, textiles, property and retail

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Mike Saville

Cayman Islands

+1 345 769 7221