Public Sector

Facing public sector cutbacks on a scale not seen by any post-war government, there are significant shifts within the sector:

  • a transfer of service delivery and commissioning to independent providers and increased buying from private companies, charities, social enterprises and mutuals
  • a shift to localism, devolving authority to 'below' local government level
  • payment according to delivered results, rather than activity-based contracts, and anticipation that providers will provide capital and bear significantly greater risk
  • merger & consolidation programmes for NDPBs, the NHS, local authorities, educational institutions and social housing.

In this environment, we deliver effective financial advice based on our understanding of the issues our clients face, the demanding culture in which they work and the difficulties associated with implementing political and economic decisions.

This advice covers:

  • how to finance the future in the absence of capital to deliver adequate services and the infrastructure to support them
  • making mergers and collaboration work in practice, by achieving efficiency through collaboration, shared service and mergers
  • governance, assurance and risk best practice to ensure transparency and a sound financial under-pinning to strategy
  • effective engagement with local SMEs to drive the economy forward

Our clients range from government departments, local authorities, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations in the UK and overseas. Their feedback consistently commends the high quality of our work and the level of service we have provided over a number of years.

We have built our reputation on our commitment to deliver value-for-money through bespoke solutions which can only be achieved by working in partnership with our clients. We understand the importance of delivering projects in a timely and efficient manner, be it our own advice or when advising on the successful delivery of projects involving third parties. We can also see the opportunity for challenging many perceived constraints, drawing on our wider commercial experience in the private sector.