Technology and Communications

Technology is one of the most complex, multi-faceted and dynamic of industries. As a technology company leader pursuing growth, you must grapple with such issues as structural market change, rapid innovation, increasingly fast and agile competition, and ever-shorter product life cycles. To achieve growth and consistent profitability means sustaining competitive advantages and satisfying shareholder expectations in the face of increasing costs, new market demands and rapidly changing government regulations.

To help you successfully meet these challenges, Grant Thornton’s technology sector team provides a full spectrum of financial and business advisory services to clients in the following sectors;

  • digital media
  • software
  • hardware
  • IT managed services
  • telecommunications
  • life sciences
  • gaming

 Many of our Technology clients have international operations or aspirations, and Grant Thornton is perfectly positioned to respond to these ambitions. We can offer our clients access to professional advice delivered by other member firms in over 110 countries worldwide, including the world's main technology centres.

We offer solutions and advice in the following service areas:

  • accounting services
  • audit and tax compliance
  • business and strategic advice
  • commercialisation of intellectual property
  • corporate finance including M&A
  • employment issues
  • fund raising and flotations
  • PPP/PFI schemes
  • private client services
  • risk management and internal audit
  • specialist tax advisory services, including R&D tax credits advice
  • transfer pricing
  • valuations.

We support the industry as members of TechUK and TIGA.

For further details of our service, please contact us.

 SM Tech PDF  Where is the smart money going in Technology?

UK Technology firms continue to attract private equity investors, according to our 'Where is the smart money going in Technology?' report. Grant Thornton's latest survey of 40 private equity and venture capitalist investors active in the UK technology sector reveals their expectations for the sector over the next 12 months and some of the key issues and opportunities affecting the market, including financing market conditions, exit appetite and competition for deals.