Revenue Assurance and Cost Verification

Are you maximising your revenue streams or overpaying your suppliers?

Are your terms and conditions being adhered to and the volume of business being reflected in the rebates you recover?

As organisations seek to outsource their operations, the effective and timely management of revenue and costs becomes increasingly complex. Visibility and direct control suffer, leaving organisations at risk of inaccurate and incomplete transaction streams.

Our Revenue Assurance and Cost Verification services provide focused, robust assurance over the validity of transactions, leaving management to run the business.

Royalty Audits
Our royalty audits are undertaken at the licensee or agent's offices and assess the accuracy of discounts applied, the calculation of sales price and royalty terms, the accuracy of royalty rates and the completeness of reported sales in line with contractual obligations.

Cost Verification
Our cost verification service helps identify and resolve overcharging by subcontractors; overpayments by yourselves or recovery of rebates and volume discounts you are entitled too. We have a proven track record in the analysis and assessment of subcontractor applications, having identified £millions of recoveries on previous assignments.


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