Public Services Advisory

Public sector organisations are having to change the way they deliver services, not only as a response to the need to save costs, but also to provide high quality services that meet the demands of an ever discerning public. This gives rise to opportunities for innovation and reform.

Across every aspect of central, local and devolved government, there is a common objective to reduce cost through:

  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Introducing new models of service delivery
  • Restructuring and reorganising public bodies
  • Competing and incentivising service providers
  • Operating commercially to exploit assets and generate revenues.

The vision for the future is a leaner, more commercial, locally focussed and responsive government sector. The challenge for government bodies, and local authorities in particular, is to reshape service delivery so that this vision is not only delivered but is sustainable in the long-term.

Our public sector advisory team works with government and third sector bodies to progress transition to realise target outcomes. Our clients are increasingly seeking to purchase tailored, specialist services, focussed on specific aspects of their transformation programme which they are unable to deliver internally. This support falls across six key areas:

  1. Performance & efficiency - Reviews of existing operating models and services to identify opportunities to improve performance and reduce cost. Advice on operating more commercially, including generating value from existing assets and services
  2. New delivery models - Advice on alternative models of delivery, such as local commissioning, shared services, managed services, outsourcing, joint ventures, LLPs and strategic partnerships and establishing stronger incentives for providers
  3. New funding models - Advice on new ways of financing the costs of delivery including capital release, payment by results, social impact bonds, securitisation of future revenue streams, user charging and private finance
  4. Procuring new models of delivery - Advising clients on the detailed commercial structuring and procurement of new delivery arrangements including locally based commissioning, shared services, managed services, outsourcing, joint ventures, etc.
  5. Implementation advice - Advice on the implementation of the new service delivery model including strategic advice, project and programme management and benefits realisation.
  6. Contract and service management - Advice on contract/service management and cost reduction, including contract disputes, renegotiations, benchmarking and market testing, contract changes or re-scoping, gain share and financial models

This advice can be supported by a robust analysis of place, which provides an in-depth understanding of current conditions, the capacity to identify underlying trends and future drivers of change, to help enable effective operation and decision making.

Based in London, Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast our team covers the key UK geographic regions and understands the pertinent issues within local markets. Our experienced professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds including accountancy, finance, economics and management consulting to ensure that we deliver a tailored range of capabilities in order to meet the specific needs of our clients.


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