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Sustainability is one of the buzz words of the moment. But what does it really mean for business?  Global and large quoted corporations increasingly see sustainability issues as important to their business model. However, whilst their public profile provides an obvious rationale for incorporating sustainability issues into the way they operate, what about the rest of the business world? What about nationally or regionally based organisations, or companies that are part of global supply chains, operating business-to-business or competing in specialised markets? Do these organisations need to plan for sustainability amidst competition and cost pressures on all sides

Our latest report 'Sustainable Businesses - Navigating towards a more sustainable future' looks at the challenges faced by businesses in developing a long term sustainable business model. We surveyed 200 UK mid-market businesses, in resource intensive sectors examining the extent to which sustainability issues are integrated into a companies DNA, embedded in its business model and reported on as such.

Offering real life case studies, the report reveals that sustainability is an integral part of the strategic fabric of the 'middle tier' of organisations in the UK. Sustainability is no longer a luxury; many different forces are compelling businesses and other organisations to revolutionise and recalibrate their operations in a more sustainable fashion. Organisations failing to understand the impact of this on their organisational performance risk being left behind by their peers.


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