Budget 2014

Our expert insight and opinion on the 2014 Budget

  • The UK might be the most competitive tax system in the EU but businesses are scared for their reputations and perceived avoidance.

    Jonathan Riley Head of Tax

    19/03/2014 13:20

  • UK is the fastest growing world economy - how do we get our employees driving this growth?

    Amanda Flint Tax Partner

    19/03/2014 12:40

  • Finance funding for exports doubled to £3 billion, interest rates cut 1/3: We'll have the most competitive export finance.

    Jonathan Riley Head of Tax

    19/03/2014 13:10

  • Tax avoidance schemes registered falls. Re-announcement of pay first, argue later on use of schemes...

    Jonathan Riley Head of Tax

    19/03/2014 13:00


  • A Budget for makers, doers and savers
  • Support for exporters increased
  • ISAs to increase to £15,000 from 1 July

Today's Budget announcement missed the opportunity to boost Britain’s overlooked army of mid-sized businesses. Research shows they need help to export more, invest in people, gain access to finance, and reduce the burden of regulation they face.

A Budget to boost growth?

We’ve identified key opportunities to support business growth around talent, exports, finance and the wider regulatory environment that we believe should have been addressed in this year’s budget. Read our insight here.


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Budget 2014

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